Hello world! I am Jenny or as most know me Charlie

I am blind, a soon to be college student, and a girl who grew up loving horses. Those aren’t listed right though. The one thing in my short time in the disability community is some choose to define themselves by theirs, but many do not. Maybe it is because I wasn’t born with mine I don’t define myself with it, or it might just be my stubborn nature, who knows. I don’t see myself the way others do the blind girl first and formost, but well the general public does. I see myself as a horsewoman more than anything else. Because for as long as I can remember that is who I was. The girl who loved horses….

For a non horse person they are shocked about that; why a person want to be seen mainly as the girl who loved a type of animal? But a horse person will understand they have taken over my life from the first time I saw one. Which I was four at the time.

At first it was mainly about being a better rider, but then it became wanting to be the work with them, and then making my college degree about them.  And then I hit the brick wall. My sight, which was used to see the little details  of body language these large animals do was gone. What made me understand the why’s of what they were doing was gone, and my beloved understanding of these beautiful creatures went with it.

If you can’t see the little signs you shouldn’t be working with them I have been told, or you are a danger to yourself around them.  And the most people heart wrenching one you being around them could cause them to get it hurt. The last stopped me dead in my tracks.

It was one thing to put me in danger. But the idea of causing the horses to be hurt that stops me. I did the horsewoman type thing brushed myself off, and pulled up those damn boot straps like grandpa always said.

This blog is mainly going to be about simple things. My ride back into the saddle an my new life as the horsewoman, soon be college student, blind girl, and now that sounds right that is in the right order.


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