What is happiness?

For me the answer has changed over the years. When I was little it was riding my pony, then it was reading a good book, later teaching a horse something new, and now I honestly don’t even know.

Friends ask me if I am happy being blind. I say well yes because it is how my life is now, and is going to be maybe forever. Blindness doesn’t make me unable to enjoy ice cream, a good story, time with friends or family, or even all those other things I enjoy it is just a disability.

I am not going to live like I am suffering because I have a life to live, but mine just includes more falling, and bumping into things. Even typing it out I seem to be writing blindness off as no big deal, and I shouldn’t because it is a big deal. It involves frustration of being told you can’t do that, white canes, and sometimes even guide dogs, things that talk to you, blurry vision, and people who speak about you not to you.

Shouldn’t I hate all that? The thing is I cant at least very much because then it will take me over… But what does this have to do with happiness?

Happiness to me is understanding this is my life good, or bad it is still life. Which for me includes blindness unlike my friends, who aren’t. That for many is hard to understand if I can’t change it why should I scream about it? Life is life, and happiness depends on the person, the context, and the time in their life. For me it can be as simple as putting on a pair of nice well fitting worn in boots, or as big as getting into the college I wanted to.

So readers if there are any what is happiness to you?


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