Words, words, words and what they can and can’t do

Remembering the power of words this is something I tend to not do. I tend to run head long into what I believe, and defending it no matter who I hurt, or how much I make myself look like a fool.

Whether it be something like history, law, or even my favorite book my brain says you have to prove them wrong, and the fact is I end up being the fool, whether or not I was right. Being raised how I was might be part of that, or it could just be you get me talking about something I am passionate about I go on, and on, and another for good measure.

When it was people like my fellow former Christian evangelical home schoolers it didn’t really matter because they agreed with me. Even if they weren’t saying it they liked what I was saying, but the real world is not the case, whether it is a forum, or with friends, or soon to be my classmates I need to learn, and understand not everyone likes what I have to say. That doesn’t mean they don’t like me, just what I am saying, or typing.

I remember what a friend’s mom use to say “our words have value, as they are what is in our hearts, and minds”. I use to believe that whole heartedly, but now not so much. Our words are sometimes just words, and there main power is they can make a person love, hate, or even fight, but sometimes we need to just let the lay there and be words. Not to correct people, or make them feel bad about what they have said. Which for someone like me is easier said than done.

I think Charlie has the right idea0816150508

I find fascinating on what Winston Churchill had to say on the subject “we are masters of unsaid words, but slaves to those we let slip out”.

I guess this means somethings must go unsaid, or at least I think.

While men like C.S Lewis someone who I know understood the power of words said this “don’t use words to big for the subject. Don’t say infinitely when you mean very; because when you want to talk about something infinite you will have no words left”.

Meaning don’t say your dying when you stubbed your toe; because when you are dying you will have no word for it, and most likely no will believe you.

Budda said “better than a thousand hollow words, is the one that brings peace”.

I need to follow this more because while the rambling might sound great to me what is best might be to simply say sorry.

The whole point of this? Like any bookworm I value words,  debating on things, and telling others how I feel about things with said words(which I might just need to do less of).

And I just got the news a friend’s blind son might not learn the value of words; because his school finds text to speech, and JAWS a better format then Braille and actual words. This little boy if they choose this might never learn the value of  those little letters that become words. While I use text to speech and all those talking thinks, which I sometimes want to chuck across the room. I learned by using my eyes to read the difference between words like then, them, and than. Sara, and Sarah. And many of those other little conundrums of the English language, which I know now sometimes I miss, and make myself look silly. The thing is I am a adult if I never choose to learn Braille I have my formative years of learning to read and write.

Which the latter was never very pretty, but I still learned those things. Shouldn’t this boy and all those like him be able to learn those differences even if the books themselves are a little big, and combersum? We would not go into a kindergarten class of sighted kids and say since you have computers you don’t need to learn how to read and write. Parents would picket, call everyone who they could, and scream about to anyone who would listen, so what is the difference between them and a blind child?

Whether they be little, or they be large nothing is more valuable in this world than words.


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