Don’t assume I know…………..

Don’t assume I don’t know about what a tether dog is. When I myself am Autistic, and use to wander as a child. I did not need a furry paper weight to keep me from doing this. Until I learned that I could not, and should not wander I was tethered to my mother. My dogs and horses, who I was very much closer to then people stayed at home.

Don’t assume because I have some vision it means I am not blind. In fact it is somewhat MORE dangerous for me because I have had to learn that my vision can and will be wrong. I have to trust my cane, sighted guide and in the future I might just have to trust a guide dog. Don’t get me wrong I love having some vision. I means I know colors still, I can at least try(and TRY is big on this one) look at a sunset). As much trouble as it causes I don’t want to give it up for anything because I enjoy having it. My condition for the most part is varying on things around me, but unchanging.

Don’t assume because my hair is blonde it means I am dumb because if you really want to try that one a simple conversation will prove that one wrong.

Don’t assume because I am a cane user, I don’t think a guide dog is a good thing or that I don’t want one. Nor should you assume I HAVE to get a guide. Or even that all blind people use either.

Don’t assume because I am not with anyone means I can’t get anyone.

Don’t assume every person with a service dog and a disability you can’t see they are faking. For all you know they could be it so much pain it hurts to stand, or their own mind is their own prison.

Don’t assume everyone with PTSD is a veteran many of us have horrors in our own homes. That it ends up breaking people to the point they feel life is almost not worth living.

Don’t assume the women who doesn’t leave a abusive situation isn’t in one, or anyone for that matter.

Not everyone is the same we all are different in many different ways. What breaks me might not break another, and what breaks them might seem like nothing to me.


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