Its a walking stick.

My long cane happens not to be a walking stick, but it is one of the nicer names it has been called. That white thing, the thing that you could use to protect yourself(I just don’t understand this one),the foldy stick. Most make me go hun?

But the fact is my cane being called names isn’t very bad, even if my lovely Autistic brain says correct them, correct them. Same as with seeing eye dog and guide dog. But post isn’t about that it is about my cane, which the purpose is to tap and swing my way through the world. What I encounter in my path gets tapped, so telling me don’t hit that or why did you hit that? Doesn’t make sense to me because that is the purpose.

My cane while unlike a guide dog doesn’t have intelligent disobedience, which means I have no safe guard as I put it when crossing the street. It is my ears and only my ears. For me at least this is a worry once I move to college. But for now my cane suits me it means I can do the things I need to do, and for the most part stops me from walking into things, and falling off curbs.

The fact is some blind people will never make the switch I plan to, or they do and go back to a cane for a time period, or forever. Taking a animal with you isn’t for everyone, or even for every lifestyle. Even when I end up getting a guide dog I know there will be times I will either want to, or need to still use my cane(as much as guide dog schools forget to tell you that). Part of me craves to ask them what would I do if I went to a friend’s house who had a dog that would be dangerous to my guide(or seeing eye dog)? Or my friend was scared of dog? Or allergic? Or any of those other hundred other things that my mind seems to think of.

Back to the cane. One thing I happen to like about it as I sit here it is stretched out next to me as I write this on the porch. When not in use like any other object it stays where I put it(unless someone else moves it when I am not looking). It isn’t as intrusive in some cases, ie the friend, who is scared of dogs. Because I think no one is scared of a white cane, but again I might be wrong.

You must be thinking if you like your cane so much why would change to something you say has faults? Because for me even with the added faults I feel it is best, but again that is my choice not everyone has to make my choice. I plan on traveling to new and strange places in the future where I never was before I could see better, which for me is something that many would disagree doesn’t help much even in the places I know, but for me it does. Being how newly blind I am, and how old I was I still have a visual memory.

Someone who has been blind for a while, since they were young, or even since they born might find that funny. But again a guide might even help with that truthfully because I have to know where I am going. The fact is when I use my cane I have to think okay that is a mail box, and that is the bus stop. My perspective is that part of the thought process can go to okay I am on main street and in two blocks I need to cross the street. But again this is just my perspective not all blind people’s, guide dog users, or maybe even guide dog schools.


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