BAM and talking about CVI

The main condition that causes my vision loss is CVI also know as cordial visual impairment, or cerebral visual impairment. Because of Blindness Awareness month I thought I would tell you a little about it.

CVI is the most common visual impairment in the modern world. It effects almost everyone with it at least somewhat differently. Some adults and children are near fully blind, and others have near perfect vision. I fall in the middle being 20/200 in one, and 20/400 in the other. Rarely will you find someone with it that is fully blind. The older term for that is cordial blindness.

The most common colors that are easiest to see are red and yellow, but the person’s go to color can be any.  Mine happen to green and blue.

Unlike most eye conditions the eyes work fine the brain is the issue. CVI should be put on the table as a possibility when the eye exam is normal, but there is vision loss.

It is a hard diagnosis to get because how a little damage effects me, might not effect John as bad, or it could be worse. With the brain there is not such thing as black and white.

Not being diagnosed means you question yourself, you wonder if your crazy, and in many cases it can be labeled as things such as conversion disorder.

The reason I happen not to be is I was lucky enough to have a doctor willing to look for zebras over horses.

CVI in some cases can be along with a eye disease, the most common is ROP, but others are also possible.

I wrote this back when I didn’t know what was wrong, but it should give you a idea of how I was feeling…

Something in is broken in me

The doctors don’t know what

Is it her eyes or her head

I wonder if that is what they think

No one understands this feeling

Not being able to see,

and not knowing why

I pray ever night for a answer

A answer will tell me why

I just want to know why….

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