You Don’t have Autism!

I have gotten the same thing, but this blogger worded it best.

The Northern Light

You Don’t Have Autism!’ how can you when you have friends, a job and a fiance! you liar-2014

What an absolute joke, so just because I don’t struggle to make friends, get a partner or anything that involves being social…I don’t have Autism? What kind of nonsense is this??? From what I got from that…If you say your happy and have Autism then your faking??? Why, is it illegal to have friends and still have Autism or something. Come on people, be real…why would it bother you so much about it anyway, so much that you start a big argument over it…to prove a point or something…I’m not going to start acting nervous around people again, just to make you happy if I don’t need to, I conquered that demon and I’m proud of it

‘You have friends so you don’t have Aspergers….you liar!’

‘What, how does that make sense?’ 

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