Happy rather late Autistic speaking day.

I unlike some of my fellow Autistics I do speak, badly at times, and sometimes not at all. But the fact is some parents will point out to me I am unlike their child because I do use my voice. It causes me to question there thinking because Autism isn’t only about speaking or lack thereof. It is about motor skills issues, sensory issues, delayed and or regression of age appropriate things. It is about repetitive movements, and yes even words. Autistics themselves don’t define themselves by something as simple as speaking, nor should the nero typicals around us, whether they are parents, friends, family, or even doctors.

Now onto non speaking I kind of just learned a term that is better then nonverbal (we all learn new things, even Autistics about Autism). non speaking does not mean non thinking. Even when I don’t speak for a time I still think. And it is the same for Autistics who are non speaking and the deaf do as well.

I don’t need to speak to tell someone I love them, I do that when I help or do something for them. When I hug them, and even when I listen to what they have to say (you don’t need a voice for that).

I don’t need to speak to show I am anger or fearful.

I don’t need to speak to make a difference in the world, nor does anyone else.

I am not defined by the sounds my vocal cords make, and if someone chooses not to make them it doesn’t make them any less human then the speakers of the world.

I don’t need a voice to make “voice” heard I do that every time I write a blog post, well if anyone reads them.

I am a Autistic writer, and I don’t need to use my voice to be heard. And happy yesterday was Autistic speaking day. I didn’t finish this post in time.

And to add not every non speaker has nothing to say.

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