Neuro typical and why I use the term

If you haven’t noticed by reading my blog, I am a Autistic who feels no cure is needed, and I believe in neuro diversity, but if you haven’t well I just told you. The link below is to the the post that started, my thoughts for this one, and mainly how wrong it is.

Neuro typical for me isn’t something I say as a meanness, it is simply saying the difference between someone who is Autistic and isn’t. It is not a slur, and saying it is a slur is like saying the words ”you have good vision are”, instead of you are not blind. The difference is we understand blindness it is simply not seeing. Autism, and those who are Autistic, are comparable to a dragon. Unknown, and not even understood.

While I unlike some of my blind/visually impaired counterparts, most of those who would not change it were either born blind or became blind as a young child, I would change my vision. I would love to have 20/2o vision, no visual field loss, not be night blind, and not have duane syndrome. But that fact is life doesn’t work that way.

I would not though change that fact that I am Autistic. There I said it I don’t want a cure, I don’t need a cure. I love being Autistic. I love the good, the bad, and weird. I have never been anything else, nor do I want to be.

I made a comparison in a Autistic group (Autistics worldwide if you were wondering)  we are the mutants in the X men. Different than the ”normal humans” with both gifts and curses from them. Each X men or women pays a price for being different, but with that price they have a gift.

They feel more safer, and even better with ones like themselves. While each is somewhat different from the next, they have common things. Some parents love their children’s differences, some don’t care either way, and others the worst kind hates what their children are. Some end up hurting their children in the process of it, other I imagine complain to parents of children like theirs. Some go to bed crying over the fact their children aren’t normal. And some even abuse and hurt their gifted children in ways to try and fix them.

Some are caught in the cross fire and end up neither mutant nor human. Some must take their own life for their hatred of themselves.

And as I post this I realize it isn’t only about Autism, and can be about any disability.



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