I don’t bite, and yes I can hear.

I think every blind blogger has talked about this, and any disabled person understands what I am talking about, but I am doing it anyway because of frustration. I will not bite you; well unless you ask. 😉 I don’t have have a disease that you can get from being near me.

My disabilities are not something that makes me so different than you. I have loved ones, friends, dreams, and so many other things. While this very moment I seem so different with my cane in my hand, sunglasses on my face, listening for the sounds around me.

Please don’t question why I am out without a caretaker. Because every time someone like yourself does you are insisting that the blind, and even people with other disabilities need to be taken care of, and I surely do not. I am proud of my independence in the sense the same way you are. I am more proud to say I have stuck with this blog, more proud when I defend in something I believe in, more proud of the fact that I have the chance to be something, and someone who I can be proud of being.

Please do me the favor of not asking my companions what I want eat. I made the choice of what to wear today, made the choices that got me to your coffee shop, so please don’t assume I can’t tell you what type of coffee I want. I will either have looked up the menu online using zoomtext, or on a bad day my screenreader, or will have someone help me, but I will be the one to tell you what I happen to want.

Don’t talk about the ”poor blind girl” about how young she is, isn’t it so sad that she is blind? I don’t need your pity, nor do I want it. I am over the mourning faze of my vision loss, it is what it is, and even if I wasn’t I surely don’t need you crying over me.

I understand you think seeing eye dogs are a wonderful thing. I do too, and one day hope to get one, but not until I am ready. But I also would be just as happy with a guide dog.

My hearing, my voice and mind (well for the most part) or intact. None of these involve my vision. Just because I can’t see well doesn’t mean that I should be taken care of, have people answer for me, or even be talked about like I am not their. And if you catch me on a day like today I might just simply tell you that.






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