Severus Snape, Sirius Black, and others

If you are my friend on facebook surely by now you know that I am a Harry Potter, correct that Severus Snape fan. I found a photos that explain my reasoning that I thought I would share the one that is the feature photo for this post says ”not every Hufflepuff is weak, with Cedric Diggory, not every Ravenclaw is stuck up, and shows Luna Lovegood. Not all Slytherins don’t know love, showing Severus Snape holding a dead Lily Potter. And the last And not all Griffindors are loyal, showing Peter when he was found out to be the one, who was not only the secret keeper for the Potters (and therefore the one who helped the dark lord), and the killer of the muggles.”.

The second I am sharing tumblr_lys2yqtPbk1r3k6jno1_500 in this post

”I knew after reading ”Snape’s Worst Memory,”  I’d never like Sirius again. Because I knew Severus’ pain too well as a child at school…..” Severus Snape the start of his worst memory, as he sees the marauders coming.  (I type things out for my readers who use screenreaders).

I like the meme up above get what Severus went through. I was the child who pleaded not to go at school at times, even though I would face the abuse at home. Because when it is your parents you can easily explain it away with I should be better. But when it comes to your fellow students you question in your heart and soul if something is actually wrong with you, that others can see, but not you.

Severus Snape the deatheater, the killer of Dumbledore, abuser of our Hero Harry Potter, and yet the one who gave his life for the cause. A pile of contradictions, and yet someone who I at least believe when it comes to the heart of it is a good person.

If you haven’t noticed even though I see through what I call my black and white lens, as I call my Autistic brain, I understand I live in the world of gray. Not every person who has done wrong is bad, and not every person who has done good is good.

Any Harry Potter fan should know that J K Rowling places on the fact nothing is as what it seems. Severus while is the best case of this, he isn’t the only one.

Sirius Black friend of Lily, Remus, and James. Godfather to Harry, former Aurror, order of the phoenix member and all the thing that you think should be right in the world, but he also is the boy who not alone abused his fellow classmate, but sent him down to face a werewolf.  The main reason I can assume is Severus Snape is on the surface everything Sirius Black hates. A slytherin, lover of pureblood ways, and likes both potions and the dark arts. But he can’t see that Severus has something in common with him someone who hates what he is from. Severus his muggle father (who at least verbally abused him, and surely his mother as well, if you are wondering the first part of his memories from the books that he gave to Harry, which the movies cut out) in Severus’s case I am rather sure nothing he could have done would have fixed his family, something from experience is a rather hard pill to swallow. While in Sirius’s case it was his pureblood parents who wanted him to be ”the perfect pureblood Slytherin son”, which he is surely not.

(I will not be picking apart James because from where I stand he is doing the norm of what he is).

Cedric Diggory is a Hufflepuff from the house of big eaters, people who don’t fight, and the house willing to take and I quote ”all the rest”. When I first read about the tri-wizard tournament I assumed the goblet of fire would spew out a Griffindor or Slytherin, maybe even a Ravenclaw because surely smarts are needed, and yet out pops a Hufflepuff name. Over the course of the book he not only proves to be loyal, smart, brave, and yes even cunning. But also someone who is willing to die for what he believed in.

When you think of smart people not only Ravenclaws, you think of people who are rather stuck up. (Even I tend to do this). Surely this is not the case of Luna Lovegood. She is far from simple, and is not crazy as she appears. She is one who at least to me is the most loyal to Harry. And is the one who helps end the war.

Nevile Longbottom thought to be squib, son of the famous Alice and Frank Longbottom, who died for what they believed in at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange. Nevile seems to me of having some of the worse luck in the series, seems to get the brunt of bad things happening to him. Regularly reminded that his parents were so great, and the like. But the think is without him the snake wouldn’t have been killed, nor would of the horuox in it would have been killed.






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