I thought I should add this so my readers understand why I tend to write posts about the subject. I am like many Americans a Autistic, while I would rather be called a aspie the fact is I am Autistic. Yes a Autistic women can write a blog many do in fact.

I am also the cousin of a little boy and little girl who are both on the spectrum. Neither are fully nonverbal, but tend to not hide it as well as I do, and unlike most people I am happy about this neither need to feel the need to hide, who they are their is nothing wrong with them they need to hide. I hope from my tiny bit of help I can show others with a blog with a name that happens to have nothing to do with Autism that Autistics adults are real, and we can be something, and maybe just maybe there will come will a day when no one wants to fix me, or my fellow Autistics.