What We Should Really Be Afraid Of

Think about it please….

Never Less Than Everything

Vaccine refusal has real victims. They are just not the ones everyone is talking about. 

imgsrc: viralport.net imgsrc: viralport.net

Little G. was a normal, sick child the day her mother walked her into the pediatrician’s office. She had been ill quite a bit recently, and this has her mother concerned. People keep telling her that frequent infections are common the first year a child is in school or daycare. Stuff goes around, exposure builds immunity…but still something in her heart feels tight and under a shadow. Thoughts nag at her: rashes, weakness, weight loss, sometimes she looks at G. and thinks that she seems swollen in her feet, legs – today it’s her face. G.’s mom has been saying the same prayer over and over: Please let G. be okay. Please let me be an over reacting mother. Please let the doctor say things to put me at ease, and send me…

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